Why Women Run

There are many different benefits to running, but which one is most important to you..? Waking up in the morning with that extra stride in your step? Having that perfectly irresistible body? Leading a better quality of life, or just ‘accidentally’ bumping into that cute guy.

Running is a form of cardiovascular exercise, improving your heart rate and stamina. In relation to loosing weight and/or toning, running does it all in one neat little package. Your body fat percentage will decrease everywhere and not just in one place. Running is your golden ticket to feeling good and looking great.

What did you do?

women runningStarting off with this 20 minutes a day at home has now become part of my daily life and I am feeling AND seeing the effects. I’m even going to take the next step and join the gym at work!I was one of the laziest people you would have ever met, I wasn’t unhealthy but I wasn’t active, and a few years back I was out on my bike almost every single day (which did wonders for me)! I guess I just let myself slip a little. I put one Stone on in two years (which isn’t much at all) but my fitness level plummeted and I wasn’t leading the life I wanted to. Something as simple are doing 20 minutes of exercise everyday will be the difference between you waking up in the morning and wanting to get up, or not getting up and feeling awful for the rest of the day!

Where should I go?

There are plenty of different places you would go to run:

  • If you can get access to a treadmill it’s a really good way to start out. I was lucky enough to have one at my parent’s, and used it for 20 minutes when I got home from work.
  • Joining the gym is fantastic! Not only do you have access to a treadmill there, but loads of other equipment for when you decide to start focusing on other areas. This is the social factor and you may even be able to get some professional help!
  • The great outdoors. Nothing can beat it.. Other than the rain. Choosing the scenic route is awesome but you will be dependant on the weather. Having a gym membership is handy for a rainy day.

Find what works for you, not everyone leads the same life or had the same agenda. Don’t make it hard for yourself to start out, take it slow and it will gradually become apart of your life.

What should I buy?

You don’t have to go and spend loads of money on new equipment but what I do recommend as an essential is a Sports Bra! Personally I recommend ‘Shock Absorber’ for maximum comfort and minimum bounce. From a AA cup to a G cup, every woman should have a good sports bra!

Don’t know your Bra Size? Go to www.emilyslingerie.org where I have personally written up a sizing chart.

Make sure you have a good pair of trainers (ones that won’t fall apart so easy), a pair of joggers and a sweatshirt. Don’t forget the Deodorant!

What should I expect?

What I wouldn’t expect is to go for a run and wake up with a perfect body the next day, unfortunately things don’t work that way. Although once this becomes a part of your life time will fly and you’ll have that body in what seems like no time at all! Don’t forget you need to have a healthy diet to match that healthy body, you can’t be eating a full tub of ice cream a day but you can space out one a week! Don’t go cold turkey on the things you love, ease yourself into it and enjoy the foods you love in moderation.

Do you have any tips?

DRINK TONS OF WATER!! Drink as much as you can, this will help your body clear it’s system. You will be weeing like a racehorse for a week or two but as your body gets used to it It will get rid of what we call ‘water weight’. When you don’t drink enough water your body holds on to it because it doesn’t know when it’s going to get it’s next fix! Give your body what it wants and it will give you what you want in return.

Where do I go from here?

Start looking on other websites for a small training regime, nothing to hard to start off with but hard enough to get you out of breath. This will become easy quickly and you can start gradually increasing the intensity of your workout.

I hope this has been helpful to you and I wish you luck and perseverance!